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Name Wayne Fisgus
Nicknames Wayne, Boogerbox (by Mr's Fisgus)
Affiliation Conestoga Hills Middle School, and later Conestoga Hills High School
Gender Male
Age 13-15
Actor Jordan Hughes

Wayne Fisgus (Jorgan Hughes): A teenager in Mark's class who bullies Chuck. He maintains an intimidating attitude but is easily frightened, wears a baseball cap at all times, and refers to Chuck as "Upchuck" due to his nauseous nature.

Wayne's father appears in the first season, being a boastful hunter who exaggerates his adventures in the wild. Wayne often goes looking for Lord Fear, who he refers to as the "Bone Man", and is frightened by him.


  • Lord Fear:
  • Chuck Mugel:
  • Mark Hollander:
  • Jessica Fisgus:


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