List of episodes.

In chronological order, these are;

Season 1
1: The Game Begins
2: The Trap Is Set
3: The Substitute
4: Face The Music
5: There's No Place Like Home
6: Opposite Attraction
7: Only Human
8: Behind the Mask
9: Once Upon A Hero
10: Knights Undercover
11: Tunnel Of Love
12: Nobody's Hero
13: Ace's Wild
14: The Field Trip
15: Not Alone At Home
16: Unidentified Flying Superhero
17: A Friend In Need
18: The Last Laugh
19: Download Disaster
20: Daffy Duff
21: The Unlikely Hero
22: The Not So Great Outdoors
23: The Biggest Fan
24: The Play's The Thing
25: The Rat Turns
26: Game Over
Season 2
27: Upgrades
28: The Game's On
29: Unwelcome Guest
30: A Secret Life
31: Welcome To The Nightmare
32: The Search For Sparx
33: Bound To Fail
34: Formula For Disaster
35: Choices
36: Rotgut Rides Again
37: Putting It Together
38: Kilobyte Bites Back
39: The Master Plan


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